All wrapped up for Christmas!

All wrapped up for Christmas!

The holiday season is a time for giving, and in Taranaki, a group of dedicated volunteers proved that wrapping gifts could be more than just a festive chore. Centre City organized a gift-wrapping service to ease the stress of gift-givers and contribute to a charitable cause. This year, their chosen charity was the Taranaki Health Foundation, aiming to positively impact healthcare in the region.

The initiative kicked off on December 6 and continued until Christmas Eve, turning the act of wrapping presents into a heartwarming community effort. Centre City generously provided the venue and all the necessary materials – from paper and tape to scissors and tables. All that remained was to assemble a team of volunteers, and that's where the Mahi Force stepped in.

More than 60 volunteers dedicated their time and wrapping skills. Each day a team would gather and throw themselves into wrapping anything and everything – and always with a smile on their face. From books to skateboards, candles to dog toys, the Mahi Force was up to the challenge!

The festive spirit extended beyond gift-wrapping, with additional treats available for purchase. Handmade chocolates from Giles The Chocolatier, limited edition 2024 calendars, and exciting raffles added to the atmosphere.  With a special visit from Santa anything was possible!

Through the combined efforts of volunteers and the community's generosity, an impressive $6,131.49 was raised. This substantial amount will go towards enhancing the New East Wing Building and The Taranaki Cancer Care Centre at Taranaki Base Hospital, ensuring that the region receives the healthcare it deserves.

A heartfelt thank you is extended to every volunteer who gave their time and to all who donated. The impact of this collective effort will resonate far beyond the holiday season, making a meaningful difference in the lives of those who benefit from improved healthcare facilities.

If you would like to be part of a fantastic community, we invite you to join the Mahi Force and be part of future volunteering opportunities. Those interested in making a difference in their community can register their interest on the volunteering page at