Fundraiser for neo natal intensive care incubator still needs $36,000

Fundraiser for neo natal intensive care incubator still needs $36,000

A campaign to raise money for a new intensive care incubator for Taranaki’s neo natal ward has raised $20,000 of the $56,000 needed.

The aim is to raise the money before Christmas, so the new incubator can be ready for use at Taranaki Base Hospital early in the new year, Taranaki Health Foundation General Manager Bry Kopu-Scott said.

The Babyleo Incuwarmer is an intensive care incubator for babies who require a higher level of specialist care.

‘’Great news, we have raised $20,000 so far towards our $56,000 goal. We need another $36,000 before year end, which is very do-able if we have everyone on board before 25 December.’’

* $56,000 needed for incubator at neonatal unit at Taranaki Base Hospital

The Foundation has sent out letters to sponsors and donors and will be starting a phone appeal next week to raise the remaining funds, Kopu-Scott said.

‘’We hit the $20,000 mark yesterday as St Paul de Vincent Hāwera held a special meeting to donate $5000 to the appeal. This was such great news and much appreciated. They have donated before and done so under the radar.’’

Kopu-Scott said the incubator would benefit babies from all over Taranaki.

Anyone wanting to donate can go to